Multi-state vertical fibers

لایی تک جزیی لحافی

Single component for stuffing quilt

vertical fibers are more reversible than horizontal ones. These fibers are arranged vertically side by side, so that they can provide two smooth surfaces with the same thickness throughout the production process.

لایی تک جزیی تشکی

Single component for mattress

vertically arranged side by side, with smooth connection and high compression, these fibers provide higher reversibility for consumer compared to horizontal ones. These layers have more capability to increase density.

تک جزیی نقش دوزی

Single component for embroidery

these fibers cause the decorative designs look more prominent and with a better appearance in end products.

لایی دو جزیی پنلی

Bi component panel

these fibers are used in panels of travel mattresses. They are composed of one layer of punch fiber in addition to vertical fibers over it. They can be cut in different sizes and be produced in different garmmage.

لایی سه جزیی تشکی

Tri component for mattress

as new generation of wadding, these fibers are available in three different states and shapes. They are characterized by high reversibility, high compression and capability to make smooth surface that allow the consumer to choose layout of these fibers by considering his/her favorite product such that they can be produced with higher quality and productivity.

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