Virgin Ball Fibers

الیاف توپی ویرجین

Virgin Ball Fibers

virgin-type hollow polyester fibers are available for filling pillows, cushions and production of all bedding furniture
High softness and delicacy
Odorless and without color (white)
Highly resilient
At least 20% higher volume than similar products
Anti-bacterial and anti-allergic

بدون رایحه و رنگ ضد باکتری و آلرژیتراکم بالابرگشت پذیری بالاماندگاری طولانی مدتقابل بازیافتنرمی و لطافت بالا

الیاف مبلمان
الیاف پوشاک
الیاف کالای خواب
الیاف صنعتی

Polyester fibers are used in texture of non-woven fabrics, carpet, felt and all fillers. Given the increased global demand for replacement of artificial fibers with natural ones, due to their properties and application, polyester fibers account for the biggest share in production of fabric and textiles. The most remarkable features of these fibers include high tearing strength, washable, fast drying, abrasion resistance, good elasticity, resistance against biological factors like bacteria, mold and clothes moth, resistance against mineral and organic materials and very high optimal stability. These fibers are produced in thickness of 0.7, 0.9, 1.2, 1.4, 3, 4, 6, 7, 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20 denier with cut length between 32 to 100 mm in two kinds of hollow and solid. Products of Parsian Alyaf Media Company are used in manufacturing of all kinds of innerspring mattresses, quilts, pillows, filtration wadding, furniture layers, clothes linens, bed sets, geotextiles, tar papers, artificial leathers, thermal and cryogenic insulations and special wadding for embroidery and quilting. Te achieve the ideal quality, it is required to use the raw materials with technical characteristics of end products. In this regard, our company is proud to help all manufacturers in producing high quality products by specialized consultation in person or by phone. All products of this company support healthy life and are environment friendly.

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